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LJ114 Variable speed controller
LJ114 Variable speed controller

Main Application:

The controller is used for transmission through a flexible shaft, and for self-propelled vehicles equipped with a mechanical (MT) gearbox, through the mechanical linkage mechanism, the driver's selection and shifting intentions are converted, so as to realize the control of the selection and shifting of the vehicle, and achieve the intention of changing the gear position of the gearbox. The controller directly matches the gearbox with independent rocker arm for selecting and shifting. By adding a conversion mechanism, a coaxial shift mechanism for selecting and shifting can be equipped.



1. All moving parts are bearing structure with strong maneuverability

2. The selection and shifting actions are relatively independent, so they do not interfere with each other.

3. The selection and shifting action stroke is large, and the selection stroke is provided with an adjustment hole, so it is suitable for gearboxes with different gears.

4. The maximum swing angle of the rocker arm for shifting and selecting gear is relatively small relative to the fixed point of the flexible shaft, therefore, the movement resistance of the flexible shaft is reduced, and the service life is longer.


Technical parameter:

Stroke: Gear selection≤65mm; Gear shift≤70mm