The Party Branch of the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation launched the

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On the morning of May 25th, Comrade Hou Jianzhou, Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch of the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation, led a group of four people, including the leader of the Party Group of the Employment Center, to carry out the "Five Links and Five Promotions" activity in order to actively implement the joint construction of the Party Branch of the Municipal Party Committee's directly affiliated organs, help enterprises solve difficulties, optimize enterprise services, and improve the political function and service level of grassroots Party organizations.

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Hou Jianzhou and his delegation, accompanied by Comrade Yang Huihui, the Party Branch Organization Committee Member of the Yellow River Soft Axle Company, and Comrade Yu Haiwei, the Discipline Inspection Committee Member, visited the enterprise's Party building site and soft axle production workshop. In the assembly line production workshop, Yu Haiwei introduced that most of the employees here are disabled people. They are diligent, eager to learn, proactive and serious, and have won unanimous praise from the company's leaders and employees.

After the visit, representatives from the Party branch of the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation and the Party branch of Yellow River Soft Axis Control Co., Ltd. held a symposium. At the meeting, Commissioner Yang Huihui introduced to everyone the development, party organization construction, and party building activities of Yellow River Soft Axis Holdings Co., Ltd. in recent years. Subsequently, everyone discussed how to carry out grassroots party organizations' "joint enterprise" activities, and how to better leverage the driving role of party building to promote enterprise development and improve enterprise efficiency. Later, both parties signed an agreement on the joint construction of grassroots party organizations in the organization's "joint enterprise" activities.

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Next, the Party Branch of the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation will collaborate with the Party Branch of Yellow River Soft Axis Control Co., Ltd. to provide mutual assistance in five aspects: organizational construction, organizational activities, Party building carriers, enterprise development, and paired assistance. They will make use of Party building resources, fully leverage their respective advantages, continuously improve the creativity, cohesion, and combat effectiveness of grassroots Party organizations, enhance the quality of employees through Party building, and strengthen their professional level through Party building, Drive enterprise development through party building and contribute the strength of the Disabled Persons' Federation to the high-quality development of Luoyang.